in the aftermath of twin
mourning doves

next the rows of sleeping buds
Persephone’s bouquet smolders

deep purple flowers
reflect a reversed world

glimmers of blue
blind tethered birds

an inescapable cave
carved from twilight

her long hair braided
with forest green

a dazzling burning sun
buried in her chest

she wore her clothes backwards –
a somnambulist

when she dreamt of blossoms
in the frozen river

her warm breath
caused the radicles to stir

spark sing break

the ancient city astray is
reflected in sparkled pieces

of dew her brave temples
rise between scrapyard

and neon, her soft hands
caress soft leaves

slipper light, flight, drenched night

quit your job and stare
at the weedy throats of blossomed flight

blur the landscape into shapes
then remember her

moving through the haunted mansions
planting these reversed


her ghost still clinging
to the dark wedding

copyright 2012 Annie Seikonia
Published in Cafe Review, Vol. 21, 2010

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