mere skin
mere bones

part of this
deepening day

warbled conversations:
thunder and hush

later when the light
has seeped away, look up:

an amorous swan
sails his lush river aglide

wings spread overhead
in the comforting distance

we long to climb that
aquamarine ladder to blue-black

for our unreachable bones
to bridge our love

the harvest is nigh
and forests number the sky

hot thick heat is
framed in ocean ice

swan: noble knight
shaming our kinglets

neither disdainful nor benign —
a constant span, a hunger

as bees tides and blood
flow at his dreamy behest

fixed fluid sewn
arcane aroma

star star
the reach of meadows

romance a fictional
veneer for stones

or the scrawled magic
of a vast unknown

wheat wheat wheat
red flurry trembling feathered throne

all gardens are wild
our dreams are murdered

and hung in the sky
in the shape of a swan

the winged drone
cannot make the harvest last

as the serene moon watches over
commodity and famine

let the colorful pageant unfold
open the celestial robes

when the thick green curtains
are opened in autumn

we shall still revel
in your poem

Published in Cafe Review Vol.21, 2010
Copyright 2012 Annie Seikonia

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