Portrait by artist Martha Miller

Annie Seikonia is a writer and artist who has been drawing and writing stories, poems, journals and essays since she was eleven years old. She graduated magna cum laude with a degree in English Literature from the University of Southern Maine. From 1986 to 2002, she wrote a column entitled “Congress Street Minutes” for the Casco Bay Weekly, a weekly independent newspaper formerly published in Portland, Maine. In addition, many of art, book, movie and theater reviews as well as other articles were published in the Casco Bay Weekly and the Maine Times, former independent Maine newspapers.

She has been a dishwasher, a grill cook, a cashier, a retail store manager, a lover of flora and fauna, a runner, a gardener, an illustrator, a community volunteer, a cartomancer, a hypnotist and an amateur arm wrestler. She has read tarot cards, predicted the future, wrangled baby chickens, played classical guitar, shoveled manure, and rowed a boat. She does not eat meat.

Her poetry and reviews have appeared in Café Review. In 2010, her flash fiction story “Reindeer” was included as an “Editor’s Pick” on the flash fiction online magazine flashquake. In 2012, her short story Graywolf: A Romance was included in Novel Strategies: Developing Reading Effectiveness with Literature by Chae Sweet, a college textbook published by Pearson Education. In 2018, her poetry was included in Balancing Act 2, An Anthology of Poems by Fifty Maine Women.

All images and writing on this site are copyrighted by Annie Seikonia.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Your website is lovely and inspiring. I thought you should know this. I just started to write poetry and haiku recently and have found it is changing my life. The adventure continues……


  2. Hello Annie

    I was looking through google images for a white fleur de lis in order to paint an image to go with shiki’s…this lone iris
    in spring twilight
    when spied your blog, as I read your thoughts on haiku ( which I agree and struggle with ) i saw you mention that little unassuming book Haiku An Anthology by Fabian Bowers..which is open next to me as I speak….

    • Thanks for your comment! I love hearing about these kind of serendipitous connections, which make having a blog worthwhile — to know it actually is read by others! Haiku has been very important to my outlook on life. I always joke that my ideal job would be “haiku artist” but I’d have to be independently wealthy (or incredibly dirt poor) to accomplish that. Best wishes, Annie

  3. Thank you for your insight into Peter Carey’s nove, The Chemistry of Tears. I have recently finished reading it and had found it unsettling or incomplete. The Latin phrase, illlud aspicis non vides, raises all kinds of paradoxical issues. Once again, thank you.

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