Winter Flowers 1 by Annie Seikonia

The Word of the Day is “ensorcelled”:  from the Free Dictionary: en·sor·cell or en·sor·cel  (n-sôrsl)

tr.v. en·sor·celled or en·sor·celed, en·sor·cel·ling or en·sor·cel·ing, en·sor·cells or en·sor·cels

To enchant; bewitch.

[French ensorceler, from Old French ensorcerer, ensorceler : en-, intensive pref.; see en-1 + sorcier, sorcerer; see sorcerer.]

en·sorcell·ment n.
As in:  She was ensorcelled by the delicate calligraphy of the remnants of Queen Anne’s lace.  By November the living lace had become embalmed by autumn, transformed into a spectral version of summer’s intricate ballet of miniscule white blossom and dense green stalks.


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