The Art of Description

The Bridge in Autumn. Copyright 2012 by Annie Seikonia.

This new website is my first attempt at a more professional showcase for my writing and artwork, a place where I plan to chronicle my writing process, philosophy and inspirations.

My current inspiration is a sweet little book called The Art of Description (World into Word) by Mark Doty, published by Graywolf Press. It is from “The Art of” series edited by one of my all-time favorite authors, Charles Baxter, whose essays on writing published in Burning Down the House are humorous and perceptive. The poet and memoirist Mark Doty is an ongoing inspiration.  In his words:  “The pleasure of recognizing a described world is no small thing.”
The Art of series is “a line of books reinvigorating the practice of craft and criticism.”  Other authors include Sven Birkerts, Amy Bloom, James Longenback, ZZ Packer, Donald REvell, Joan Silber, Ellen Bryant Voigt, Dean Young and Baxter himself.

I Love Feedback!

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